Turning and sliding the condensor into the machinery house.
Strand jacks lifting system and sliding setup for turbine and generator.


Cargo Description

  • 1 Generator
    9,000 x 4,010 x 3,430 mm / 113,010 kg
  • 1 Condensor
    12,130 x 5,420 x 4,360 mm / 107,920 kg
  • 1 Turbine
    10,080 x 6,450 x 4,540 mm / 183,557 kg

Description – Foundation Delivery

  • The condensor had to be turned 90º from transport into erection position. Then it was slided over a distance of 45 meters into the machinery house and jacked up five meters for final positioning on its foundation.
  • Turbine and generator have been lifted up 17 meters by using strand jacks. Then they have been slided into the machinery house directly onto the foundation.