Temporary storage at site.
Foundation placement setup with strand jacks, swivel, hydraulic jacks plus rails inside the power house


Cargo Description

1 Generator Stator
 9,096 x 4,780 x 4,135 mm
 278,000 kg

Project Description

Combined transport by 2 x 18 axle trailer plus girder bridge followed by river barge from Milan to Marghera, Italy. Direct transshipments to and from river barge; Ocean transport with self-geared heavy lift vessel from Marghera, Italy to Gijón, Spain; Trucking from seaport Gijón to job site Aboño; Temporary storage in Aboño;
Taking old identical stator out of the existing plant and lowering down 18 meters. Bringing in the new stator including lifting up 18 meters and sliding onto final foundation inside machinery house.