Heavy-Lift-shipment to China

Together with our Chinese partner we were able to secure an interesting transport-job to Shanghai. This business had a transport-volume of around 730 to and around 1.900 cbm including four heavy-lift-units with gross-weights of 190 to/ 143 to/ 108 to and 54 to.

The Chinese consignee expected the arrival of his cargo in Shanghai with a very fast transit time and consequently this shipment was performed with a container vessel in January ex Rotterdam to Shanghai.

The HL-units were shipped out as “Breakbulk”. The loading in Rotterdam was performed by a floatingcrane with a direct-loading ex barge onto the container-vessel. The balance of cargo was shipped out in box-equipment and several flats with over width/ over height.

A challenge was to coordinate the complete delivery in time, but all in all it was a very successful performance on this transport.

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