Extension of a hydrogen plant

In February 2014 we have been awarded for the extension of an existing hydrogen plant.

As per original schedule it was planned to deliver the plant, dissembled into six main sections, over a time period of six months.  More or less the complete plant, except the cold box, has been manufactured in Portugal. After completion of the whole plant it has been started to dismantle the plant into single modules in order to prepare them for the transport. For the transport from Setubal port LPL have booked a coaster to Antwerp where transshipment to river barge has been taking place. 

As part of the equipment a cold box with 169 tons and length over 38 meters, an exchanger with a width over 7 m and in total 21 modules with heights over 5 meters.

The last item for this project was loaded in Portugal last week and has been arrived safetly at constructions site.

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