Video: Transport from Czech to China

This time 2 units - so called “ADJUSTERS” – were  fabricated in Sviadnov, Czech Rep. and had to be delivered to the workshop at Zhangzhou, China, where the Adjusters later will be assembled  on a Offshore vessel

The function of such “Adjusters” is to adjust the Pipe layer-Boom of the Offshore-Vessel in a certain angle. From these reasons, the Adjusters are extendable for another 10 Meters by a hydraulic system.

The Transport-Details of one Adjuster:

Approx. 29 Meter length / 4, 50 Meter width / 6, 60 Meter Height and gross-weight approx. 140 to

As usual for such kind of unique cargo, a deep technical preparation for the different Transport-Steps were necessary from the beginning and worked out over few months with a lot of updating between client / engineers / transport-partners.

The first Adjuster left the factory on March 17th and the 2nd on 19th

After finishing the assembling-works, the loading into barge was effected one week later and arrived in Hamburg 7 days later.  Already 2 days later the HL-Vessel arrived Hamburg and the loading was arranged exactly on Easter-Monday (Just-in-time). The vessel left same day towards Zhangzhou and expect to arrive there end of May.

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