Transport of "classifiers" for a carbon-power plant

For our key account MHPSE Duisburg we were allowed to transport the up to now largest produced “classifiers” to the power plant Kozienice in Poland.
Our delivery part of the “mill power system” consisted of four classifiers with each 615 x 610 x 525 cm, each 32 tons ex FCA Duisburg up to DAP Kozienice. Due to insurance and manufacturing reasons a separate transport of the components (divided, therefore in total 8 components) was not allowed. Therefore we had to find a transport concept for the classifiers with the above mentioned dimensions and weights. This concept consists of the precarriage by inland vessel ex Duisburg up to Opole and from there by truck up to the power plant in Kozienice.

After the transport by inland vessel and a temporary storage in Stettin of two weeks the convoy with four classifiers could start on 24th of August 2015 ex Stettin.

During the route all involved companies had to remove various obstacles in the way under heavy conditions.
The pictures and especially the movie show that very impressive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayHzfzZyQx8

The trucks with the classifiers arrived the construction site in Kozienice on 14th of September 2015 after 21 transport nights and are still waiting for their installation.

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