Film series: LPL Megaproject

The LPL Group has transported last year more than 420.000 freight tons in only nine months. In total 800,000 freight tons will be moved. We are responsible for the transport of equipment and material for two power plants in Beni Suef und New Capital in Egypt. In our film series „LPL Megaproject“ we would like to provide an insight into the project and our work.

Starting in January we will release one to three short films on our YouTube-Channel and our website. Just before the Breakbulk exhibition 2017 we will conclude the campaign with a short film about the entire project. We are going to announce the release of every short film on our LinkedIn page.

The first short film presents the dimensions of the project. In February we will release the first shoots made in Egypt. In March and April we would like to show you how some important equipment starting their journey in Hamburg as well as some other reaching their final places on the sites.

Follow our film series on our YouTube-Channel.

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