Last placing operation completed at Beni Suef

At the end of May the LPL Group was able to complete the last placing operation at Beni Suef/Egypt, where a combined cycle Power Plant (CCPP) with a capacity of 4800MW is being built. Together with our partners we have installed 20 gas turbines, gas turbine generators and steam turbine generators – and this in only 13 months.

LPL was responsible for the entire logistic operations of these heavy lifts and their transport from different origins in Europe and USA to the constructions site in Beni Suef. Single weights ranging from 384 to for generators to 485 to for gas turbines.

A second power plant is being built in New Capital. We have already brought 12 of the same items to this construction site and eight are still to follow. LPL was again responsible for the transportation of those.

We have been delivering equipment and material for both power plants in Beni Suef und New Capital since April 2016. A total of almost one million freight tons will be moved including 500 heavy lifts as well as about 6,000 container movements. 

If you want to get to know more about the project have a look at our film series “LPL megaproject” on YouTube:

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