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In this section, you have the opportunity to view our film series LPL MEGAPROJECT about the transport logistics of two gas-fired power plants in Egypt. Further project videos and download documents can also be found here.


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LPL Megaproject: Part 1

Project logistics at its best! The LPL Group is responsible for the transport of material and equipment for two power plants in Beni Suef and New Capital in Egypt. This means more than 800.000 freight tons ex worldwide origins, 500 heavy lifts and more than 6.000 container movements. Watch our film series “LPL Megaproject” and gain insight into our work. Part 1 presents the dimensions of the project. Enjoy!


LPL Megaproject: Part 2

For the power plants in Beni Suef and New Capital a total of 360 modules have to be transported from China and South Korea – each module weighing something between 40 and 192 tons. The modules arrive at the ports in Adabiyah and Sokhna, from there they are transported to the sites. Follow our team and the modules on their way to New Capital and get to know the challenges of the LPL Megaproject.


LPL Megaproject: Part 3

Every day the LPL team works to ensure that all transports run smoothly. They are on the construction sites in Egypt and prepare the arrival of the cargo accurately - always in close cooperation with Siemens.


LPL Megaproject: Part 4

Every day we face different challenges in the project logistics. If you always prepare everything exactly, then it will turn out just right. Follow our colleague to the construction site in Beni Suef!


LPL Megaproject: Part 5

A complete small power plant on the road – or at least almost, that’s what our colleagues transport in Part 5 of our film series. To be precise: A turbine, a generator, a transformer and another module. Come along with the Heavy Lift Caravan and our team to the site in Beni Suef.


LPL Megaproject: Part 6

In this part we can see one of many steam generators on its way through the desert until it reaches its final place on the foundation. It does not always go as planned, but even obstacles like a steel post can be removed more or less fast. Well job, everyone!


LPL Megaproject: Part 7

The next gas turbines should leave for Egypt and are being loaded in Hamburg. Even though every step is carefully planned, a problem with the pump can make the process quite exciting. But our team manages that everything goes on board safely. Time is extremely important in this megaproject and we always do our best in order to keep the time schedule.


LPL Megaproject: Part 8

Have you ever seen a gas turbine on its way through the desert? Have a look in Part 8 of our film series. We are definitely on time – something our client can also check continually on our IT platform LP Connect.


LPL Megaproject: Part 9

In LPL we are more than only colleagues, we are friends and work as one team. And as everyone knows a great team makes everything possible. Get to know some faces of the LPL Group.


LPL Megaproject: Part 10

The last part of our film series shows the placing of a gas turbine. We are proud to be part of such a project! We would like to thank everyone who took part in our film series. Thank you very much and enjoy watching it!


LPL & GTE: Brewery tanks to Mozambique

In 2019 the LPL Group, together with local partner GTE,  delivered over 80 brewery tanks with approx. 25.000 cbm + 100 SOC to Mozambique.


LPL & CTO: Brewery-Equipment to Brazil

Brewery equipment just successfully handled in the port of Santos, Brazil. Thanks to our Brazilian agent CTO who took professional care not only of the port handling and on-carriage to final destination but also of these nice video captures.


LPL Image Movie

Our LPL image movie presents an interesting overview of the history, the work and the people behind LPL.

We like to thank for the production.

We hope you enjoy watching the film
Your LPL Team